The Future of the Civil War in the Digital Humanities

“The Civil War Online and Digital History.” Essential Civil War Curriculum (September 2014).

ECCCThis essay I wrote for Virginia Tech’s Essential Civil War Curriculum project. This innovative approach to providing quality and free content about the most important 300 topics in Civil War history will be a great boon to scholars, students, and the general public alike. Each peer-reviewed essay comes with recommended reading, useful links, and contact for leading scholars who study the particular subject in question. These essays will be periodically revised and updated as new information and new scholarship changes what we know about the war and its effect on American society.

My essay about the Civil War in the digital humanities looked briefly at past projects such as The Valley of The Shadow digital archive, the brainchild of Dr. Edward Ayers of UVA. It also suggested ways that Civil War scholars could keep the subject fresh and innovative in the world of digital history.

You can read the full article here, and also search for a large number of other interesting topics. They are still looking for authors, so contact them now if you want to participate!