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Concept Cover Art for Excommunicated from the Union (2015), by William Kurtz.

Advance Praise and Author Appearances

Having just learned from Fordham that my book is now at the printers, I wanted to take a moment to share some advance praise that Excommunicated from the Union has received from two leading historians of religion during the American Civil War. “A significant contribution to scholarship on both American Catholicism and the American Civil War. Excommunicated from the Union fills… Read more →

The Battle of Stones River

“The Battle of Stones River.” Essential Civil War Curriculum (September 2015). My latest piece¹ for the Essential Civil War Curriculum, hosted by Virginia Center for Civil War Studies at Virginia Tech, is about the Battle of Stones River. Fought on December 31, 1862 and January 2, 1862 between General William S. Rosecrans’s Union army and General Braxton Bragg’s Confederate… Read more →

Concept Cover Art for Excommunicated from the Union (2015), by William Kurtz.

Excommunicated from the Union: By the Numbers

Big data is one of those buzz words particularly popular with digital humanists these days. It also defines an approach that is not necessarily relevant for all historical research projects. For example, my forthcoming book’s argument that the American Civil War alienated most Catholics relies much more on first-hand accounts and newspaper editors’ opinions than on tables or charts. Still,… Read more →

Catholic Intellectuals Split Over the Civil War

“‘This Most Unholy and Destructive War’: Catholic Intellectuals and the Limits of Catholic Patriotism.”  Book Chapter in So Conceived and Dedicated. Fordham University Press (April 2015). This book chapter looks at the role of Catholic intellectuals in the Civil War. It discusses how many of them were initially patriotic but how most came to oppose the bloody cost of the… Read more →

Mapping the Catholic Church in the Civil War

As a visualization tool, it’s hard to argue with the enduring power of maps. After attending a NEH digital methods workshop for military historians at Northeastern University last year, I realized that creating a map of the Roman Catholic Church in America during the Civil War would be a helpful way for me and my future readers to take stock… Read more →

Concept Cover Art for Excommunicated from the Union (2015), by William Kurtz.

Excommunicated from the Union has a Cover

My book, Excommunicated from the Union (Fall 2015), now has a cover. Here is the concept art created by Fordham University Press. The artwork on the cover depicts Father William Corby’s famous absolution at the Battle of Gettysburg. Corby was a Notre Dame priest who was the only Catholic chaplain serving in the famous Irish Brigade at the time of… Read more →

Remember the Catholic Ladies

On March 31, 1776, with her husband John off attending the Second Continental Congress, Abigail Adams famously asked him to “remember the ladies” as he and the other men present were beginning to struggle with creating a new government for the American colonies. Until interest in social and gender history took hold in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, academic historians… Read more →

My Book: Catholics in the Civil War

Excommunicated from the Union: How the Civil War Created a Separate Catholic America. Fordham University Press (Forthcoming December 1, 2015). My book, which is based on my dissertation, is finally off to the copy editors. All that remains now is to deal with any changes at that stage, obtain a cover photo, and get permissions for illustrations in my book.… Read more →

The Future of the Civil War in the Digital Humanities

“The Civil War Online and Digital History.” Essential Civil War Curriculum (September 2014). This essay I wrote for Virginia Tech’s Essential Civil War Curriculum project. This innovative approach to providing quality and free content about the most important 300 topics in Civil War history will be a great boon to scholars, students, and the general public alike. Each peer-reviewed… Read more →