Underutilized Pennsylvania Civil War Resources

“The Catholic Herald and Visitor and the Catholic.” Pennsylvania Magazine of History and
Biography 135 (October 2011).

In 2011, the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography had a special Civil War issue to mark the start of the 150th anniversary. They sought submissions of about underused or unknown resources related to the state during the Civil War.

I wrote a very short article about two Catholic newspapers, The Catholic Herald printed in Philadelphia, and The Catholic, printed in Pittsburgh. While neither paper supported abolition, both generally did support the war effort. They provide an often overlooked and accessible window into the lives of Pennsylvania Catholics during the war. If you have a subscription to JSTOR, you can read this short article by clicking here.

Unfortunately, only a few years of the Herald have been microfilmed, and the one print copy of 1861 that I found is badly deteriorated. Duquesne University has fortunately digitized the entire run of the Catholic since I wrote the article. You can find it here.