An Unlikely Abolitionist

William Starke Rosecrans (LOC).

“William Starke Rosecrans.” Special Civil War Issue of U.S. Catholic Historian (Winter 2013).

My first full-length article, this was part of a special Civil War issue of the U.S. Catholic Historian. Research for this article would not have been possible without the generous support of a grant from the UCLA Special Collections Library.

Fortunately, interest in General Rosecrans is growing. Prior to submitting this article, there was only one biography from 1961. Now there are two more, both written in the last two years. Unlike these works, however, my article focuses heavily on understudied parts of Rosecrans’s career, namely his devout faith, his abolitionism, and his importance in the Catholic memory of the Civil War.

Eventually, I hope to take another research trip to UCLA in order do more research for a book-length treatment of Rosecrans that focuses, not so much on his Civil War career, but on his antebellum and post-war activities in the military, the field of mining, invention and patents, and his career as a congressman from California.