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Soldiers of the Cross: David Conyngham’s Unpublished Tribute to Catholic Priests and Nuns in the Civil War

David Powers Conyngham (1825-1883) was an Irish Catholic immigrant, journalist, writer, and Civil War soldier who served in both the Irish Brigade and in Sherman’s army during the Atlanta Campaign and March to the Sea. Shortly after the war ended, he wrote important works about the brigade and Sherman’s campaigns before turning his attention to religious and Irish history. He… Read more →

Irish Bravery, Catholic Sacrifice

Many Irish Catholic Americans hoped the Civil War would prove their loyalty to the nation once and for all. Enlisting in the Union Army in order to show they were just as American as their native-born, Protestant neighbors, they knew they would be judged by how they conducted themselves on the battlefield. Patrick Donahoe, owner and editor of the Boston… Read more →