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Rosecrans: The North’s Great Anti-slavery General

Major General William S. Rosecrans enjoyed a prominence and popularity in the middle of the Civil War equaled by few commanders on the Union side. After his successful fight at the Battle of Stones River on January 2, 1863, the Republican New York Times compared him to Napoleon and other great military minds of the past, declaring, “Gen. Rosecrans, if… Read more →

The Battle of Stones River

“The Battle of Stones River.” Essential Civil War Curriculum (September 2015). www.essentialcivilwarcurriculum.com. My latest piece¹ for the Essential Civil War Curriculum, hosted by Virginia Center for Civil War Studies at Virginia Tech, is about the Battle of Stones River. Fought on December 31, 1862 and January 2, 1862 between General William S. Rosecrans’s Union army and General Braxton Bragg’s Confederate… Read more →