Month: December 2014

Essays In History

Essays in History, is a graduate student run and edited journal produced yearly by the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia. It seeks publications from early career historians, namely graduate students and new professors. It was consistently published from the 1950s through the late 1990s when it ceased publication for a short time. In 2009, a handful… Read more →

Text Analysis for Everyone

The Digital Humanities (DH) can be intimidating to those just getting started. Can I just specialize in one thing and be a digital humanist or do I have to know XML, GIS, text analysis like topic modeling, and everything else? Do I have to be able to program? What do the techniques and tools of DH do for me that… Read more →

Google Ngram Weighs in on the Founding Fathers

Google Ngram Viewer is a useful tool that unfortunately was used as a whipping boy for a rather strong attack on the digital humanities written by Adam Kirsch in The New Republic back in May 2014. The DH community has since responded in force in too many responses to link here. So what is Google Ngram? From the website: When… Read more →

Upcoming Projects

My first blog post on In the next few days, I will add old blog posts I originally wrote for demonstration how one can easily use digital tools like Voyant and Google NGram viewer to study the Founding Fathers. Founders Online is a wealth of primary sources and contains many, many texts, perfect for more advanced digital humanities… Read more →

My Book: Catholics in the Civil War

Excommunicated from the Union: How the Civil War Created a Separate Catholic America. Fordham University Press (Forthcoming December 1, 2015). My book, which is based on my dissertation, is finally off to the copy editors. All that remains now is to deal with any changes at that stage, obtain a cover photo, and get permissions for illustrations in my book.… Read more →

The Future of the Civil War in the Digital Humanities

“The Civil War Online and Digital History.” Essential Civil War Curriculum (September 2014). This essay I wrote for Virginia Tech’s Essential Civil War Curriculum project. This innovative approach to providing quality and free content about the most important 300 topics in Civil War history will be a great boon to scholars, students, and the general public alike. Each peer-reviewed… Read more →

An Unlikely Abolitionist

“William Starke Rosecrans.” Special Civil War Issue of U.S. Catholic Historian (Winter 2013). My first full-length article, this was part of a special Civil War issue of the U.S. Catholic Historian. Research for this article would not have been possible without the generous support of a grant from the UCLA Special Collections Library. Fortunately, interest in General Rosecrans is growing.… Read more →

Underutilized Pennsylvania Civil War Resources

“The Catholic Herald and Visitor and the Catholic.” Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 135 (October 2011). In 2011, the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography had a special Civil War issue to mark the start of the 150th anniversary. They sought submissions of about underused or unknown resources related to the state during the Civil War. I wrote a… Read more →

Founders Online: Early Access

As an Assistant Editor and Project Manager at Documents Compass, Founders Online: Early Access is my current project. As a graduate student, I worked on the pilot project in 2009. Back then, we worked on proofreading or transcribing only 5,000 letters from the Papers of James Madison and Papers of John Adams documentary editions. From 2012-2014, however, we have worked… Read more →