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“Black Virginians in Blue” Blog Post for Muster

I’d like to thank Dr. Hillary Green for the opportunity to write a blog post titled, Black Virginians in Blue: A Digital Project Studying Black Union Soldiers and Sailors from Albemarle County, Virginia, for Muster, the blog of the Journal of the Civil War Era, about our upcoming digital project, Black Virginians in Blue. The blog post goes over some… Read more →

William S. Rosecrans Portrait

An Ode to Rosecrans

Kevin Levin recently mentioned on Twitter that he was recommitting himself to blogging because of the ephemeral nature of tweets and how they quickly disappear down a Twitter feed. On that same theory, I present a little piece of prose poetry, with no pretensions to rhyme or meter, about General Rosecrans’s Civil War career. Despite his personal faults and awful… Read more →

My 2021 Liberation and Freedom Day Lecture

The March 1865 arrival of Union troops to UVA and Charlottesville, the liberation of the area’s enslaved community, and the lives of local Black men who served as Union soldiers and sailors were at the center of a panel conversation commemorating Liberation and Freedom Day in Albemarle County, Virginia. On March 3, Jalane Schmidt, director of the Memory Project, introduced the… Read more →

Nau Center Digital Projects Featured in Magazine of Albemarle Charlottesville History

I am pleased to announce that the 2020 Magazine of Albemarle Charlottesville History has been published and features articles about our two digital projects, “UVA Unionists” by Brian Neumann and “Black Virginians in Blue” by me. These two essays are the first scholarly publications generated by either project. Copies of the magazine can be ordered by phone directly from the… Read more →

Black Virginians in Blue at AHA Virtual Poster Session

This year the American Historical Association’s conference has gone digital and so has the Nau Center’s “Black Virginians in Blue” poster. The poster was designed last summer by our intern Katherine Kolo (UVA 2020) and myself. See our submission and others at the AHA’s virtual poster gallery here: Read more →

Earl Hess and Digital History

(At the request of H-CivilWar’s Niels Eichhorn I wrote an essay about the state of Civil War digital scholarship. I republish it below with their permission.) Almost all of the responses to Earl Hess’s Civil War History article “The Internet and Civil War Studies,” both on Twitter and on H-CivilWar, have so far focused on the author’s fifth of six… Read more →

New Perspectives on the Union War

I’m very pleased to announce the release of a new edited volume of essays on the North’s war effort titled, New Perspectives on the Union War. The book will be released in June 2019 as part of Fordham University Press’s “The North’s Civil War” Series. From the publisher: “Edited by Gary Gallagher and Elizabeth Varon, two of the most prominent… Read more →

UVA Unionists in UVAToday

Matthew Kelly, staff writer at UVAToday, recently published an article about our latest digital project at the Nau Center, UVA Unionists. Kelly’s article is a nice companion piece to a similar one he wrote about our other major research endeavor, Black Virginians in Blue, last October. UVA Unionists is our effort to identify UVA students who fought for the Union.… Read more →