An Ode to Rosecrans

William S. Rosecrans Portrait
G. P. A. Healey portrait of William S. Rosecrans (1861) courtesy University of California at Los Angeles Special Collections Library.

Kevin Levin recently mentioned on Twitter that he was recommitting himself to blogging because of the ephemeral nature of tweets and how they quickly disappear down a Twitter feed. On that same theory, I present a little piece of prose poetry, with no pretensions to rhyme or meter, about General Rosecrans’s Civil War career. Despite his personal faults and awful mistakes at Chickamauga, he nonetheless made substantial contributions to the Union’s eventual victory.

Rich Mountain won,
Carnifex Ferry, too.
Better ambulance invented,
West Virginia saved,
General Lee sent packing.

Iuka captured,
Corinth defended,
Providence thanked.
Van Dorn pursued,
But Grant called it off.

Stones River delivered,
God and Mary be praised.
Slavery and Copperheads denounced,
Tullahoma outmaneuvered,
Chattanooga in Union hands.

Veteran troops elsewhere transferred,
But Price still routed.
OAKs defeated,
St. Louis defended,
Missouri goes for Lincoln.

Originally posted to Twitter on March 13, 2021. Revised and expanded for on March 18, 2021.