Habemus Cover!

I am pleased to announce that Father David J. Endres and I have signed a contract with the University of Notre Dame Press to publish our scholarly-edited edition of David P. Conyngham’s Soldiers of the Cross: The Heroism of Catholic Chaplains and Sisters in the American Civil War. This book, never finished in the author’s lifetime, tells the story of Catholic priests and sisters on both sides of the Civil War. Conyngham relates their heroic efforts to care for the spiritual and physical needs of Catholic and non-Catholic combatants. These Catholic chaplains and nurses hoped their service would help combat widespread anti-Catholic prejudice then present in American society. For more information about Conyngham and this book, please see my blog post from last year.

Both Fr. David and I would like to thank everyone at the press and the Notre Dame Archives for supporting this project. We first started working on this volume in 2012 and hope it will be a useful resource for historians and the general public interested in the U.S. Civil War and Catholic America.

Our volume is scheduled to be released in the Spring of 2019. Stay tuned for more details.