Launch of Black Virginians in Blue

The Nau Center’s Black Virginians in Blue (BVIB) digital project finally launched on April 13, 2021. We first began the project back in 2016, as a project like UVA Unionists, meant to contribute a more diverse Civil War story local Albemarle County, VA, one that had been dominated by the Confederacy for many decades. You can visit the site here:

Although I served as the project director for both this project and UVA Unionists, as well as the primary investigator on the Jefferson Trust that helped fund both efforts, BVIB was made possible only by the dedicated work of a large team of Nau Center staff, graduate students, and UVA undergraduates. Worthy Martin, Doug Ross, and the team at the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities built the project’s database and website.

To acknowledge the whole team’s contributions, I updated my “methods” blog on the BVIB website. Please see the new version of A Word on Methods: Recovering the Stories of Black Virginians in the Union Army and Navy (updated) for a step-by-step process of how the project was conceived, researched, managed, and completed.

Our launch event on April 13 was recorded, and you can watch Elizabeth Varon, Caroline Janney, and me talking about the project on YouTube or below.