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American Catholic History Classroom

Now that I have finished working on my proofs for Fordham, I wanted to spread the word about a really wonderful digital history project hosted at the Catholic University of America (CUA). Published out of the Omeka content management system, the American Catholic History Classroom is a wonderful site dedicated to making primary source content available online to educators and… Read more →

The Papers of Patrick Henry Digital Edition (Updated)

(Updated on December 10, 2015) I’m proud to be able to say that work on the The Papers of Patrick Henry Digital Edition digital documentary edition has officially begun. Conceived of at the start of 2014, Sue Perdue and I have been busy putting together funding requests, seeking out documents, creating inventories, developing workflows, perfecting a style guide, and making… Read more →

Essays In History

Essays in History, is a graduate student run and edited journal produced yearly by the Corcoran Department of History at the University of Virginia. It seeks publications from early career historians, namely graduate students and new professors. It was consistently published from the 1950s through the late 1990s when it ceased publication for a short time. In 2009, a handful… Read more →

Upcoming Projects

My first blog post on In the next few days, I will add old blog posts I originally wrote for demonstration how one can easily use digital tools like Voyant and Google NGram viewer to study the Founding Fathers. Founders Online is a wealth of primary sources and contains many, many texts, perfect for more advanced digital humanities… Read more →

Founders Online: Early Access

As an Assistant Editor and Project Manager at Documents Compass, Founders Online: Early Access is my current project. As a graduate student, I worked on the pilot project in 2009. Back then, we worked on proofreading or transcribing only 5,000 letters from the Papers of James Madison and Papers of John Adams documentary editions. From 2012-2014, however, we have worked… Read more →

People of the Founding Era

People of the Founding Era, or PFE for short, was one of the first digital projects I worked on as a graduate student employee at Documents Compass. By the time I left the project in order to do research for my dissertation, I had risen from a entry-level employee to an editorial assistant in charge of training other employees in… Read more →