Patrick Henry Digital Library is Live

Patrick Henry Digital Library Homepage.
Patrick Henry Digital Library Homepage.

I am pleased to announce that a year after work began the new Patrick Henry Digital Library is now linked to Patrick Henry Red Hill’s website and can be viewed directly at

Generously funded by a grant from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund and made possible by a collaboration between Documents Compass, Red Hill, and Infoset,  this project seeks to provide a one-stop resource for anyone interested in learning more about Patrick Henry, one of Virginia’s most important but often forgotten Founding Fathers.

Although this project is not yet complete, and indeed is in its “Early Access” phase, it already provides visitors with:

  • An inventory of all known Henry letters (numbering over 1,000), many of which are transcribed or have document images attached.
  • Digital copies of William Wirt Henry’s three volume biography of his grandfather Patrick.
  • A digital inventory of Patrick Henry’s personal library, based largely on Kevin Hayes’s excellent study.
  • Examples of artifacts held at Red Hill, Henry’s last home and final resting place.

Documents Compass and Red Hill hope to apply for more funding in the future to locate, transcribe, and thoroughly annotate all of Henry’s extant correspondence. The site will also eventually include images and information about all of Red Hill’s impressive holding of Henry artifacts and even digital copies of books from his personal library. Although I am no longer working directly on the project, I am very proud to have contributed to it from the beginning. I hope it will prove a useful resource for teachers, students, historians, and anyone interested in early American history.