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Habemus Cover!

I am pleased to announce that Father David J. Endres and I have signed a contract with the University of Notre Dame Press to publish our scholarly-edited edition of David P. Conyngham’s Soldiers of the Cross: The Heroism of Catholic Chaplains and Sisters in the American Civil War. This book, never finished in the author’s lifetime, tells the story of… Read more →

Soldiers of the Cross: David Conyngham’s Unpublished Tribute to Catholic Priests and Nuns in the Civil War

David Powers Conyngham (1825-1883) was an Irish Catholic immigrant, journalist, writer, and Civil War soldier who served in both the Irish Brigade and in Sherman’s army during the Atlanta Campaign and March to the Sea. Shortly after the war ended, he wrote important works about the brigade and Sherman’s campaigns before turning his attention to religious and Irish history. He… Read more →

Libraries and American Catholic History Online (Update!)

  The history of Catholicism in America has never been one of the most prominent subjects in academic history. Not surprisingly then there are likewise very few digital humanities projects that explore the lives of Catholics in the United States. Compared to the American Civil War, a topic that has received more than its fair share of attention online, the… Read more →

Upcoming Projects

My first blog post on wkurtz.com. In the next few days, I will add old blog posts I originally wrote for DocumentsCompass.org demonstration how one can easily use digital tools like Voyant and Google NGram viewer to study the Founding Fathers. Founders Online is a wealth of primary sources and contains many, many texts, perfect for more advanced digital humanities… Read more →