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Dear Father Jenkins

Although this blog has been entirely devoted to topics related to my career and my scholarly interests such as the Civil War and Catholic history, I feel that as an historian, Notre Dame graduate, and a Catholic father with two children that I must speak out against the current widespread corruption in the Church. This corruption takes many forms but… Read more →

Habemus Cover!

I am pleased to announce that Father David J. Endres and I have signed a contract with the University of Notre Dame Press to publish our scholarly-edited edition of David P. Conyngham’s Soldiers of the Cross: The Heroism of Catholic Chaplains and Sisters in the American Civil War. This book, never finished in the author’s lifetime, tells the story of… Read more →

A Holy Grail: The Story of Father Cooney and his Civil War Chalice

Descendants of the sister of Robert Gould Shaw, colonel of the famous 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry Regiment, recently rediscovered his long lost sword. The family then donated the weapon to the Massachusetts Historical Society, whose president dubbed it “the holy grail of Civil War swords.”[1] When it comes to important Civil War artifacts, however, some “holy grails” are more literal… Read more →

Civil War Veterans and the Laetare Medal

Last week, the University of Notre Dame announced that it was awarding its Laetare Medal to Vice President Joe Biden (D) and former Speaker of the House John Boehner (R). The award, first established in 1883, is intended to honor American Catholics who have made significant contributions to the Church or American society. The Laetare Medal has since become the… Read more →